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UV Science

UV-C Disinfection

We have developed an ultra-efficient and long-lasting UV-C disinfection system that ensures the air in your building is as sanitized and safe as possible. Using our patented power driver in conjunction with lab-tested 275nm UV-C LED boards, our system is placed near the existing filter inside the air-handling unit. We specifically calculate the amount of UV-C light needed to disinfect the air using our Single-Pass Solution.


Our methods have been researched and tested through Sandia National Laboratories. Data shows that our UV-C LEDs placed near the filter significantly reduce the proliferation of organisms within the filter. Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations of airflow throughout a building show that measures can be taken to ensure the air in every room in circulated and returns to the HVAC unit where is it disinfected.

Smart Devices, Building Design, and Oper
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UV light kills 99.7% of all air-borne pathogens


Our Products Benefits

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

  • Complements filtration

  • Single pass Kills up to 99.7% of microorganisms

  • Effective chemical-free air disinfection

  • Cost effective

  • Long life

  • 275nm UV-C LEDs

Hospital Bed

275nm UV LEDs

Recent studies have reported the use of 275 nm light for continuous decontamination hospital environments. Using Bright's UV lighting can provide an extra layer of sanitation for the medical facility, staff, and patients.


Sandia Laboratories Study

Bright is working to help stop the spread. In conjunction with NMSBA and Sandia National Labs we simulate the path of airborne pathogens. We use this data to create the most state of the art UV disinfection products on the market.

Smart Devices, Building Design, and Oper
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Bright's UV technology was featured on KOB 4

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