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We want to help make all spaces brighter and safer to gather. Bright is committed to lowering the world's carbon footprint by providing ultra-efficient LED lighting and state of the art UV sanitation technologies. Bright Holdings is a New Mexico llc and it's patented products are installed by licensed and bonded contractors to ensure a quality, professional, installation.

A Bright LED Lighting system can save millions of watts of electricity over its lifetime. This not only saves you money on your energy bill, it helps preserve our precious natural resources! This world is a beautiful place, and our efficient LED lighting systems can help keep it that way.

We are proud to be helping local businesses grow in our Albuquerque area by reaping the benefits of all of Brights products.

Issac Barbosa CEO/Co founder

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Patrick Ruiz

VP Buisness Development

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Aaron McCallister

Director of Product Development

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Gabe Romo
VP Sales/Marketing Development

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